S'informer, voir, agir : une approche globale pour le développement de solidarités




Cornellier, Robert
Loslier, Sylvie

In this article, the authors underline the importance of intercultural educational contents, rights and citizenship, and highlight the fact that education implies giving students a sense of responsibility. To accomplish this, they suggest that professors make use of Extremis, a documentary series consisting of eight episodes produced by Macumba International to sensitize students to certain social, economic or political situations in different continents. They stress the advantage of a class presentation that is open to discussion, of debates and occasions for students to express their point of view. This presentation would be reinforced with a visit to the Extremis Web site that allows visitors to pass from life stories to social realities. Designed with cégep students in mind, this site represents an undeniable educational resource. It contains a number of well-documented files, weekly news bulletins, video clips, pictures, discussion groups and educational scenarios. The documents and tools in the documentary series and Web site may be used to enrich existing educational activities or to develop new ones.


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