La rencontre pédagogique




Cossette, Ritha

Education is a matter of atmosphere and mood as much as teaching intentions and learning strategies. It's a matter of relationships, dialogues, and encounters because teaching competence is primarily relational in nature. This article raises the concept of dialogue as it pertains to teaching, taking into account its classroom pitfalls as well as the fact that the class must be reached and, in some sense, tamed. The author considers that a teaching encounter with a young audience is obviously only possible if the teacher refrains from continually harping on the past, since teaching quality depends largely on the questioning it elicits from its target audience. But what can be done to keep knowledge vital, current, and meaningful? The author responds by stating that a course worthy of the name must open a horizon of meaning. The classroom must be a symbolic space conducive to the emergence of existential questions. Teachers are confronted by the arrival of "children of the reform," who will call for dialogue and opportunities to put the newly acquired knowledge into practice. The democratic shift in the communication paradigm also needs to be taken seriously. Therefore, the people practising the profession must explore, gauge new approaches, and perhaps even invent others.

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