Qu'est-ce qu'un professionnel compétent ? Comment développer son professionnalisme ?




Le Boterf, Guy

This article reviews the major themes developed at the opening presentation of the 30th AQPC symposium in 2010. Its internationally reputed author frames his comments in the context of an increasing social demand for confidence, from which teaching professionals are not exempted. The logic he proposes, in the form of links and processes, rests on the distinction between “being competent” and “having the competencies”, as well as on the connections between these two concepts. According to the author, being competent means “to act with competence in the actual situation”. For a teacher, this means possessing an effective reasoning that connects knowledge and practice. Using various graphs to display this relationship, the author establishes three structural axes for improving professionalism: the relevance of professional practices, the combinatory potential and mobility of resources, and reflexive thinking. Using this structure, he builds paths to professionalization using the metaphor of a navigational journey and he illustrates it in a map depicting professionalization opportunities for individual paths targeting the same objective.


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