Orienting a Service for Teacher Success : One Model of Needs Assessment and Action Plan Development




Leonard, Karina

With a view to accomplishing its mission of promoting effective, high-quality instruction through a range of teacher support services and evaluation activities, the Office of Instructional Development (OID) at Dawson College has conducted an institutional needs assessment and has developed an action plan that meets the teaching support needs of faculty members. In this article, the OID shares this study in order to contribute to a conversation about systematic programs of support for faculty members. Furthermore, by sharing our theoretical framework and methodology, we believe that the development of such an action plan based on data from its intended participants can be transposed to any organizational context with few modifications. The action plan process model, specific initiatives expected by faculty members and a sample of the resulting Action Plan are presented.

The AQPC acknowledges the financial support, in 2014-2015, of the Government of Canada through Canadian Heritage, Canada Periodical Fund, Business Innovation component.

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