Le mouvement du Scholarship of Teaching and Learning : Y a t-il un chercheur dans la classe ?




Thériault, Mélissa

This article draws our attention to a trend in research called the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). After a brief presentation of this movement, whose definition remains somewhat vague, the author retraces its origin, provides an overview of its growth and explains its basic principles. According to this movement, the desire to place new discoveries in teaching at the service of the community can lead a teacher-researcher to adopt a perspective in keeping with the approach put forth by the SoTL. In this sense, a teacher who innovates in class and develops new pedagogical practices contributes to the advancement of knowledge. But the fact of sharing their teaching know-how (and not only their specialized knowledge) outside the classroom makes it possible for such innovators to multiply many times the usefulness and positive repercussion of their expertise, as long as these teachers-researchers carefully document the impact of their pedagogical practice, which is what characterizes the SoTL. The author provides a progress report on the penetration of this movement in Quebec colleges, establishing a parallel with the university environment, and emphasizing that if the Quebec college environment is fertile ground for reflection and research on pedagogical practices specifically suited to higher education, the necessary resources for the development of a SoTL perspective are at least partially lacking.


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