Evaluating Attitudes: Tools for More Objective Assessment (Best-Of Issue - 2016)





Delisle, Isabelle
Côté, France

Governmental course requirements, exit profiles, framework plans, syllabuses, and other such documents stipulate the attitudes college students should demonstrate upon completing their curriculum. Medical-electrophysiology students, for example, are expected to treat patients with respect; those in the natural sciences must place a premium on accuracy; art, literature, and communications students must demonstrate open-mindedness; those in building-services technology have to be resourceful, and so on. However, does being respectful, accurate, open minded, or resourceful mean the same thing to faculty and students? How can we assess these attitudes without being arbitrary? The process is difficult, and subjecting student performance to our professional judgment is a major responsibility. In this interview by Isabelle Delisle, France Côté explains how to carry out this task using a descriptive scale inspired by a taxonomy from the affective field.

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