Créer des ponts en classe au moyen de la musique





Bertrand, Gabriel

This article tells of the difficulties encountered by a teacher with a group of students who were closed to his teaching, and how the use of music in his philosophy course enabled him to bridge this gap. Using for inspiration an aphorism from Heraclitus by which “the world is a harmony of tensions [...] like that of the lyre”, the author decided to bring his mandolin to class to illustrate the concept of contradiction by playing a few notes on the instrument. Seeing the positive transformation that ensued in his relationship with his students, he began using music as a preamble to his courses, sometimes to illustrate a disciplinary concept, but mainly to foster among his students a psychological attitude conducive to learning. The author explains the impact of music from a pedagogical standpoint, underscoring in particular the fact that music can play a determining role on the student-teacher relationship, due to its broad appeal on the sensitivity plane: it captures the attention of the students, promotes a positive frame of mind, and reinforces group cohesion. In the opinion of the author, teachers have everything to gain by adding to their practice an activity that touches upon the affective dimension of learning: not only does it create keen interest among students but it also opens the way to their engagement in the course.


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