Complicated Lives of College Students the educational : Culture of Under-Achievers




Mackay, Jock
Miller, Doug
Quinn, Guy

This study examines the experience of at-risk students as they arrive at the college level. It draws a portrait of their educational culture and it points to important differences between their culture and that of our college institutions. Our qualitative research study spans a three-year period with 48 ‘weak’ students at Vanier College. It includes narratives of the transition from high school to college and it expresses the points of view of a sample of under-achieving students. Fruitful avenues for accommodations by means of which more at-risk students might succeed in achieving their educational aims are suggested. Along these avenues we question our teaching practices, our work and study conciliation, our learning process, our gatekeeper courses and our perception of other forms of career training.

The AQPC acknowledges the financial support, in 2014-2015, of the Government of Canada through Canadian Heritage, Canada Periodical Fund, Business Innovation component.

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