Avoir les étudiants de sciences de la nature dans notre MIRES. 2e partie : évaluation des impacts à cours terme




Garceau, Odette
Larose, Simon
Cyrenne, Diane
Guay, Frédéric
Deschênes, Claire

Following an initial article appearing in Pédagogie Collégiale (vol. 21, no 3), this article presents the preliminary results of the first edition of the MIRES program at Cégep de Sainte-Foy and Collège Mérici. The authors begin by presenting information on the evaluation procedure and the students, emphasizing that the program’s impact has been analyzed according to an explanatory model based on a sociomotivational concept of mentoring, and that the program has been evaluated according to an experimental design with control group. Afterwards, they elaborate on the results by listing their positive impact: higher levels of self-determined motivation and motivation, positive impact on the youths’ relationships with their parents and teachers as well as a higher success rate. In concluding, the authors outline the repercussions of their study, e.g. a critical look at a support measure’s efficiency, the advantages of this measure in terms of academic prevention in sciences and support for the advancement of the orientation process, as well as the availability of the material needed to implement the MIRES program in institutions for purposes of transferring the expertise.


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