Apprivoiser une bête noire – Une pratique d'interdisciplinarité pour développer l'intérêt de collégiens éprouvant des difficultés en français





Cabot, Isabelle
Cloutier, Francois

This article presents a pedagogical experiment involving two different courses. It was set up to generate and stimulate greater interest for French among students experiencing difficulties in learning the language. Narrated dramatically and in chronological order by both authors, this association of “pleasant” and “not so pleasant’ situations involved the participation of a remedial French course (MNF/Mise à niveau en français) on the one hand, and an elective psychology course, Psychological and sexual problems (Difficultés psychologiques et sexuelles), on the other. Using a variety of writing exercises, followed by corrections, the details of this interdisciplinary experiment are provided in a table which illustrates, among others, the commonalities of both courses. The authors comment on the results of the experience, underscoring the advantage of using similar correction methods in both courses, which enabled students to strengthen their abilities in French. In ending, the authors contemplate a possible generalization of this practice to other disciplines such as mathematics.


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