In 2009, What is "A Good Teacher"? (Best-Of Issue - 2016)





Doucet, Sophie
Barbeau, Denise

Shedding light on her unique experience and love for the profession, this conversation with Ms Denise Barbeau, teacher, researcher, author and a figurehead of college teaching in Quebec, reveals the latter’s insights on the qualities inherent in a good teacher. According to Ms Barbeau, in addition to specialized knowledge of their discipline, good teachers must have a clear idea of what they want their students to learn and be able to do, and then select the strategies that will make it possible to reach this objective. Punctuated by eloquent metaphors, the words of Ms Barbeau go straight to the heart of her main preoccupation: student learning. She emphasizes the importance of the affective dimension of teaching, of the teacher-student relationship, particularly in a competency-based approach whose advantages she also underscores. When students feel supported by their teacher, they are motivated and learn more. Ms Barbeau also comments on the stress experienced by students and briefly recalls her beginnings in teaching, re-visiting the kind of pedagogical questioning that led her to return to school to pursue studies in psychopedagogy. In ending, she delivers a rousing testimony on the passion and joys of teaching.


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