The Authentic Situation: From Design to Assessment. An Academic Model for All Disciplines

The Authentic Situation
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Anne-Marie Duval
Mélanie Pagé



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The two authors –rigorous, creative, and passionate educators- have devoted more than 15 years to educational strategies fostering student participation and sustainable learning outcomes. Both are education advisors at Cégep de Sainte-Foy and offer in this book the fruit of their experience with authentic learning with about 30 groups of students when they were working as a team teaching French there. After recognizing the benefits of this pedagogical approach, they decided to put together a conceptual framework, tools, and practice tips in book form so that teachers in any field could readily take ownership of the authentic-situation approach.

This book is the English translation of La situation authentique : de la conception à l'évaluation. Une formule pédagogique pour toutes les disciplines.

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