Register to the 39th AQPC Symposium

June 5 to 7, 2019, Rimouski

The college teaching community and the other actors in higher education are invited to attend the 39th annual symposium of the Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale, presented in collaboration with Cégep de Rimouski and the Institut maritime du Québec, at the Centre de congrès de Rimouski, from June 5 to 7, 2019.


“We need some archipelagos of certainty to navigate on this sea of uncertainty.” Edgar Morin

More than ever before, many visions of the world are coalescing and enriching each other. This proliferation enables the education community to draw on novel experiences and motivating, unifying projects. At the same time, it challenges us to deal with imponderabilities and uncertainty.

Colleges, like all institutions of higher learning, have been entrusted with the important mission of outfitting students adequately to set their course in this sea of diversity. Indeed, as teachers, professionals, and managers, we have the responsibility of taking into account this changing “seascape” in order to adequately support students by charting the course of lessons to be learned and the proposed educational strategies. The classroom—whether physical or virtual— is the flagship for developing critical thinking and respect for one another consistent with the destination targeted by preuniversity, technical, or continuing education. In viewing the horizon, what pedagogical possibilities can we make out in order to enrich the classroom experience and enable students to reach their destination safely?

The diversity is constantly changing and the world of higher education is having a harder time seeing what lies ahead. The horizon represents the limit between the known and unknown and that which we can see or only imagine. While we might wonder what the future holds for us, we can also choose to aim for the future we want. Suggesting that the college community opt for variety means joining forces to define a new pedagogical perspective by sharing our experiences, reflections, research, and innovations.

The 39th AQPC symposium therefore calls on you to join in with speakers and presenters aiming to inject synergy into the deployment of tools designed to achieve efficient and innovative tools. This symposium stands out as a great opportunity to reflect on the best ways to guide and support students in developing their knowledge, know-how, and soft skills so that, upon graduation, they become engaged citizens able to take root in their communities and adapt to new situations, perform varied work, and resolve complex questions.


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