Find easily articles from the journal Pédagogie collégiale, either in English or in French!

You can easily find the article you're looking for among all the articles published since 1987 in Pédagogie collégiale. To do so, you can use key-words in English or in French. Search now among more than 1 000 articles published in English or in French!

Individual members of the AQPC and individual subscribers of the journal can even comment articles on the Web! (To do so, click on the button ''Sign in'' or the words ''Log in'' that appear on the top of the page, then go to the page of the article you want to write a comment about! If you notice a mistake in your comment after you have posted it, return on the page of the article and click on the word ''Edit'' to correct your comment. Of course you can only correct your own comments and must be logged in to do so.)


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