Mission and values

The AQPC: our mission, values and orientations


The mission of the AQPC is to promote, stimulate, and support the development and evolution of college pedagogy. The AQPC strives to be a reflection and a beacon for all who work in education at the college level so as to ensure the quality of learning for all students whether enrolled in regular courses or in continuing education. The AQPC contributes to the development and evolution of pedagogy in conjunction with diverse partners in the field of higher education.


Our mission rests on the following values:

Sharing – The AQPC supports the development and evolution of pedagogy through the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Respect – The AQPC recognizes the value of its members and its partners and treats them with respect at all times.

Responsibility – The AQPC is dedicated to fulfilling the duties and commitments identified in its mission statement.

Openness – The AQPC encourages communication and the free exchange of ideas. It supports educational initiatives, entering into partnerships to facilitate that end.

Honesty – The AQPC follows principles of frankness and honesty.

Transparency – The AQPC conducts its business in a manner that ensures the transparency of its practices, decisions, and operations.


The AQPC aims to:

  • Bring together educators and all others interested in collegial education.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of a professional identity for college educators.
  • Implement mechanisms for collaboration among people interested in college education.
  • Create opportunities for meetings, information sharing, exchanges, and collaboration on pedagogical issues in colleges.
  • Support and facilitate reflection and research on various aspects of pedagogy, in particular by encouraging the establishment of links between pedagogical theory and practice and more specifically, between teaching and learning.
  • Promote research in college pedagogy; disseminate research results and relevant work done on the improvement of pedagogical practices and promote the dissemination of information on pedagogical reality at collegial level.
  • Encourage pedagogical innovation in colleges and emphasize its benefits.
  • Promote awareness of pedagogical innovations in higher education.
  • Ensure that pedagogy is part of the public debate concerning colleges.
  • Nurture further reflection on pedagogy at college level via links to different schools of thought, both national and international.

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