A Voyage to the Realm of IT




Barrette, Christian

As the person at the helm of the file on the Métarecherche sur les TIC en pédagogie: du diagnostic au pronostic, the author relates a journey of exploration into the realm of ICTs undertaken by the ARC, a journey described from different angles in several articles in the file. This extensive undertaking covers three stages: the first one deals with creating a model based on the empirical research data obtained through the reprocessing of quantitative data (meta-analysis) and qualitative data (meta-synthesis); the second stage consists in validating and enriching the model by calling on the knowledge of experts in the field; and the third includes a theorization of the practice by members of the REPTIC (Réseau des répondantes et répondants TIC) and an appropriation of the results of the metaresearch. According the author, all the players in the college teaching network, regardless of their discipline or sphere of activity, would benefit from an in-depth reflection on their practice to incorporate novel approaches based on empirical research data and rules that have inspired their more experienced colleagues. All in all, an invitation to travel to the realm… of enlightened research and practice.


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