Study Files : An Invaluable Resource for Learning





Laflamme, Nadia
Morin, Christian

The interview allowed Nadia Laflamme to discuss her experience in using study files to assist in the learning process. These files are, to some extent, a compilation of the exercises chosen by students in keeping with course content; Laflamme examines the criteria that apply to such choices. The idea came to her after attending a lecture given by France Côté at an AQPC seminar. Laflamme saw the potential for using study files to promote deep learning, especially because they encourage students to make relevant choices that contribute to metacognition. She developed a correction grid for study files in order to provide students with valuable feedback. At first, students felt the process was merely an extra burden and a waste of time. As the process provided personalized attention and mentoring, however, they gradually realized that it was helping them learn. “What makes me extremely proud of my students,” states Laflamme, “is witnessing their progress throughout the session from such a close vantage point. I’m no longer just a math teacher, but an educator in the broadest sense of the term.“


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