Emerging Disabilities at the University Level: Difficulties and Potential Solutions




Le May, Sylvain

The author discusses the three challenges faced by Quebec society as identified by the provincial government in its À part entière: pour un véritable exercice du droit à l’égalité policy. The changes suggested by the policy aim at an increased standard of living and educational level for the disabled, as well as enhanced access to the labour force. Stressing the difficulties involved in adapting to university life for individuals with “emerging” disabilities, the author describes the hardships involved, as well as possible solutions, and concludes with a call for the establishment of a synergistic mechanism that would involve all intra-institutional, inter-level and internetwork partners.

The AQPC acknowledges the financial support, in 2014-2015, of the Government of Canada through Canadian Heritage, Canada Periodical Fund, Business Innovation component.

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