Cooperative rewriting: merits and limitations





Demalsy, Annick
Lepage, Monique

Included under the heading Pratique pédagogique (Teaching practices), this article talks about a teaching experiment in literature at Cégep de Rimouski that took place during the trimester, through the pairing of two educational formulas: rewriting and cooperation. The authors present this educational application by clarifying the tasks to be carried out by students during a typical sequence and describe the environment and tools required for the experiment to unfold properly. They develop formulas for cooperation and rewriting, and then offer details on evaluating learning – whether collective, individual, summative or formative evaluations –, provide tools for individual assessment in a collective context and present an assessment grid of teamwork. The power of cooperation is brought to light through its impact on students in terms of motivation and a reduction in absenteeism as well as an increase in success rate and perseverance. From the perspective of how they approach teaching, the authors conclude the article with a reflection on the results of this educational experiment and by shedding light on its inherent merits and limitations.


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