The best use of Information and Communication Technologies in college: The students’ perspective




KING, Laura
In collaboration with Catherine S. FICHTEN, Mary JORGENSEN, Jillian BUDD, Alice HAVEL, Mai Nhu NGUYEN, Alex LUSSIER, Jennison ASUNCION, Rhonda AMSEL, Odette RAYMOND and Tiiu POLDMA

Knowing that motivation is at the heart of learning, the authors of this article are interested in information and communication technologies (ICT) that could increase students' motivation to become involved in their studies and activities proposed in class. College professors are increasingly involved in the excitement of the ICT trend in higher education, favouring the use of technology in the classroom. Moreover, several studies have already focused on the integration of ICT in college education, but few have conducted in-depth research into all the educational complexity involved. This complexity stems from the fact that technology is not used in a vacuum: the successful pedagogical integration of ICTs must align with a framework that respects certain principles and where ICT-related pedagogical activities are smoothly integrated with methods that serve explicit objectives. In one study, the authors sought to better understand how to promote learning and student participation through the use of ICTs in the classroom by focusing on the students' perceptions of different technologies and the way they are used proactively by their teachers throughout the school term. The article outlines the broad lines of this research by informing readers about which ICTs are preferred by students or which seem to have a positive effect on their learning from their point of view. In addition, the text discusses the frequent problems associated with technology that students have identified and the strategies that can be put in place to resolve them. The researchers hope to provide teachers with some thoughts on how best to integrate ICT into the classroom, based on the students' perspective.


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