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Garcin, F.

Over the years the education network has evolved and been fashioned by trends, approaches and methods in perpetual motion that surround it. In this article, a voice from the past recalls one of the essential tenets of teaching: choose the very best teaching method. According to this author who is a primary school inspector, all methods no matter how new or innovative, must be based on scientific experience. Therefore, the relevance of a method can only be established if it is based on the fundamental laws governing the mental and psychological development of human beings, updated by research and validated through experience. The educator must take these factors into account. The author reminds us that a method is an instrument that will vary based on the mindset, approach and intentions of the person using it. Furthermore, he underlines the fact that the teacher appropriates the method and, instinctively resists others. Comparing education to an art form, he concludes that the best method is the one intuitively preferred by the teacher; however, it must also be based on research. This in turn helps the teacher develop the openness needed to create the best method of all: his own.


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