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AQPC stands for ‘‘Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale.’’ We are a non-profit association founded in 1981 with the mission to promote, stimulate, and support the development and evolution of college pedagogy and, therefore, of higher education pedagogy.

The association is open to all employees of public and private colleges, universities and other educational organizations within Quebec and in other regions or parts of the world. Colleges, universities and other educational organizations may also become associate members of the association.

The AQPC strives to be a reflection and a beacon for all who work in higher education so as to ensure the quality of learning for all students whether enrolled in regular courses or in continuing education.

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Thanks to the Canada-Québec Agreement and the ministère de l'Éducation, de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, AQPC offers new Anglophone college teachers a virtual community where they can meet with new and seasoned colleagues, exchange documents, share information and knowledge, build competencies with each other, improve their practice, find solutions to problems they encounter, and so on.

The aim of this New Teachers virtual community is to provide people who enter the college teaching profession with materials that will make a difference in their practice tomorrow morning: resources that get to the essential and quick answers to every question they ask themselves! 

In addition, the New Teachers virtual community gives new teachers a sample of the spirit of sharing and of the pedagogical dynamism they will find in the AQPC symposium held each year in June.

Contact Us

Do you want to become a member of AQPC?

Have you encountered problems in registering with a community?

Do you have questions or comments?

Get in touch with us!

By phone:                   514 328-3805

By email:          

In person:                   7000, rue Marie-Victorin, bureau C-003

                                   Montréal QC H1G 2J6

AQPC offices are open during week days, usually between 8 AM and 4 PM. If you need assistance in other times, you can always email to our director general:

How it works

New teachers in institutions that are associate members of AQPC can register to be part of the New Teachers virtual community, free of charge, for their two first years as teachers. Individual members of AQPC may also be part of this community offered in English.
Individual members who are pedagogical advisors, or education advisors may also register to join the virtual community offered in French to pedagogical advisors. 
Individuals nominated by their Academic Deans to act as AQPC Liaison in their college will be invited to register to the virtual community of Relais offered in French.

Create an account (or register to a community)

To register to a community, you must have an AQPC account AND be an individual member of AQPC, but there are some exceptions:

  • Teachers who are in their two first years of teaching are not required to be individual members of AQPC to register in the New Teachers virtual community, as long as their institution is an associate member of AQPC and as long as they or their institution have given AQPC the name and coordinates of these teachers (This will allow us to create an account for them).
  • Individuals who are nominated by their Academic Deans as AQPC Liaison are not required to be individual members of AQPC to register with the future Relais virtual community as long as their institution has informed AQPC of their nomination as AQPC Liaison (This will allow us to create an account for them).
  • Only the individuals who are both members of AQPC and pedagogical advisors, or education advisors may participate to the Conseillers pédagogiques (CP) virtual community offered in French.

To register with a community (or to check if you already have an account at AQPC), visit our interactive system. (If you’ve done business with AQPC in the last few years, for example by being a member or by participating to an AQPC symposium, you might already have an AQPC account and will find it by entering your name.)

An AQPC Virtual Community includes three sections:

  • A discussion forum for Questions and Answers (''Discussions'' tab)
  • Pedagogical Resources in various formats (''Resources'' tab)
  • A way of telling members od the community you want to meet (online or in person) to discuss specific topics (''Events'' tab)

Policies for Communities

Welcome to all of you who have joined one of the Virtual Communities of AQPC!

By subscribing to one of the AQPC virtual communities, you declare your interest in college education, your desire to interact with colleagues on issues related to pedagogical topics, and you intend to share your knowledge and your skills to improve the practices of each.

Furthermore, by subscribing to one of the AQPC virtual communities, you agree to fully respect the AQPC Communities Regulations to maintain the friendly and constructive atmosphere in the Virtual Communities of AQPC:

a) AQPC Communities Behaviour:

  • You will not use the AQPC Communities to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.
  • You will not post comments or content that contain hate speech, are threatening, or pornographic, that incite violence, that contain nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence, that defame or harass, that are sexist, racist, or erotic.
  • You will take a courteous tone and will avoid vulgar and aggressive language.
  • You will cite your sources.
  • In the "Resources" section, you will make available only resources for which you own the copyright.
  • The photo you upload to your AQPC account that will be used to identify you in a community must have attributes characteristic of a photograph used in a professional context.
  • You will take responsibility for what you post.
  • You will alert AQPC to any unacceptable comments or materials about which you are aware and understand the AQPC will review the complaint and take the appropriate action as soon as possible.
  • You will alert AQPC to possible copyright infringements that you suspect and understand that the AQPC will review the complaint and take the appropriate action as soon as possible.
  • You acknowledge and agree that AQPC is in no way liable for comments made by users, nor for potential breaches of laws, nor for violations of the rights of copyright holders by members of the AQPC communities.
  • The resources made ​​available in AQPC communities may generally be used as long as the usage makes reference to the copyright holder, is for non-commercial use only, and is in compliance with the guidelines herein. If necessary, ask AQPC what use you may make of a resource made ​​available in a community.
  • When AQPC or an AQPC community user makes any resource available on the condition that distribution outside of the community is forbidden, you will meet this requirement.
  • If you improve or modify a resource made ​​available by the AQPC or any of the users of an AQPC community, you will cite the source of the initial resource and agree to make the revised resource available to the community in question.

b) Preparation of questions and answers for the Forum: 

  • Before posting a question to the Forum, you will ensure that the same or similar question has not already been asked in the Forum.
  • Before posting a question or an answer, you will re-read your text to make sure it is understandable (eg: shows a basic respect for syntax, punctuation and the use of capitals, with limited use of abbreviations and emoticons).
  • For easy reference and identification, you will use clear language in the topic line.
  • You will respect the original topic of discussion and, if necessary, you will ask a new question to start a new discussion.
  • You understand that a forum is not a place to chat, and in the interests of promoting in-depth exchanges, you will avoid post responses unlikely to advance discussions (eg, "Me too !", "I do not know", use of emoticons, etc.).
  • You will abstain from writing questions or answers with an apparent purpose of promoting a product or commercial service or to compete with the products or services offered by the AQPC.

c) Moderation and penalties for non-compliance Regulations for the Virtual Communities of AQPC

  • The AQPC, its staff and moderators reserve the right to edit, move or delete messages whenever they deem it necessary and to do so without notice.
  • Messages with an apparent purpose of promoting a product or commercial service or to compete with the products or services offered by the AQPC may be deleted without warning by the AQPC, its staff and moderators.
  • In case of non-compliance with these regulations by one or more members of one or several communities, AQPC, its staff and moderators warn said members either privately or publicly. Depending on the severity of the violation to the Regulations of the AQPC Virtual Communities, its staff and moderators may suspend privileges to said members, either temporarily or permanently.

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