Evaluating creativity from an objective point of view

Evaluating creativity is a complex task. The concept of creativity is multidimensional, which makes its interpretation diverse. How then can one maintain quality and fairness when evaluating creativity? What relationships can be made between evaluating competencies and creativity? How can one better select criteria related to creativity? How can one reduce the subjective aspect of professional judgment associated with creativity?

This workshop will shed some light on these questions through developmental research results on defining creativity criteria and developing assessment tools for creativity. The research results are based on data gathered in three study programs at Cégep Marie-Victorin: Visual Arts, Special Education and Fashion Design.

This training activity is also offered in French.


Angela Mastracci

Angela Mastracci taught for several years in the Fashion Design program at Cégep Marie-Victorin before she became a pedagogical advisor in 2008. She holds a Master’s degree in college education from PERFORMA, Faculty of Education, University of Sherbrooke. Since 2017, she is pursuing a professional career as consultant and pedagogical instructor in postsecondary education. She offers a variety of courses and workshops on formative assessment and on assessing creativity, the topic her research focused on. She also collaborated on writing two chapters for the book Évaluer les compétences au collégial et à l’université : un guide pratique published in 2015 by the AQPC in their Collection PERFORMA.

Developed skills

  • Share a common vision on theory underlying evaluating creativity
  • Become familiar with the research results regarding both generic criteria and scoring rubrics applicable to creativity
  • Reflect on how to transfer and use the assessment tools in one’s own subject area



  • Initiation (2 hours): conference with question periods, all subject areas (50 people maximum)
  • Exploration (3 hours): initiation format plus an application activity, all subject areas (between 20 to 25 people)


Conference with question periods, plus application activity in the « Exploration » format.

Available languages


Intended audience

Every person interested by creativity and its assessment.

Number of participants

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