Electronic English version of two chapters - AQPC Book on Sustainable Development at the College Level

In June 2016, the Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC) launched a book in French entitled Enseigner et participer au changement. Le développement durable au collégial (Teaching and Participating in Change: Sustainable Development at the College Level).

We incorporated in the French language version of the book two chapters originally written English, in addition to offering you the electronic version of these two chapters in English written respectively by Kory Goldberg (Champlain College Saint-Lambert) and by Mark Cohen and Richard Klopp (Cégep Vanier College).

A few words about the book containing these two chapters
While the terms “sustainable development” and “ecology” are often linked, the concept of sustainable development is much broader than environment. In fact, it includes three large aspects that are related and entwined: human, economic, and environmental. Sustainable development is also a complex challenge that we have to and can meet collectively and creatively for a better present and future for all of us.

Beyond taking account of these three aspects of sustainable development in our daily lives, what can we do, as postsecondary educators, to contribute to this concept and its resultant actions being integrated into the core of the college education we offer our students? Answers to this question can be found in Enseigner and participer au changement. Le développement durable au collégial.

Published as part of Les Cahiers de l’AQPC, this book represents the typical characteristics of this collection. Indeed, it aims at serving as a guide firmly rooted in theory and an inventory of proven practices, the fruit of the commitment and passion of educators who want to provide for the transferability of their experiences.

Happy reading!

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