About AQPC

Founded by a group of educators eager to stimulate pedagogical progress in colleges and to enhance the teaching profession, the AQPC is an association open to all employees of public and private colleges, universities and other educational organizations within Quebec and in other regions. The AQPC is a non-profit organization.

Each year, the AQPC organizes a symposium featuring over 120 presentations (at least 2 of them in English or with simultaneous translation in every time slot). These events draw over 1000 individuals who take part in conferences, round table discussions and other presentations. Additionally, AQPC publishes a journal, Pédagogie collégiale,  four times a year. It focuses on the basics of pedagogy: teaching and learning, teaching disciplines and curricula. The AQPC also offers ongoing training activities in the form of ‘turnkey’ pedagogical days held in colleges.

Over the years, what began as a few dozen people has grown into an organization with over 1 200 individual members that include teachers, professionals, and managerial staff from the network of public and private colleges.In addition to this group, more than 60 colleges, universities and associations are associate members of the AQPC.

The AQPC headquarters are located in Montreal.

Some headings on our website are in French only. Clicking on them will take you to the French website pages. Likewise, if you click on the English button, you will be directed to the English version that is available on the website.

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