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The AQPC 2019 Steering Committee will receive paper proposals between November 2018 to January 2019 (specific dates to come).

Eager to share your pedagogical tips or your research results on teaching and learning with over 1200 colleagues? The AQPC annual Symposium is the place to be! The next edition of this rendez-vous will be held at Centre des congrès de Rimouski, June 5-7, 2019. Our colleagues from Cégep de Rimouski and the Institut Maritime du Québec will be our hosts.


The symposium’s steering committee welcomes paper proposals from all colleges within Quebec and elsewhere as well as from colleagues from universities and high-schools. The committee also invites researchers and partners in education-related networks in Quebec, Canada, and elsewhere in the world to share their experiences, thoughts, and research findings on the theme (to be determined) as well as on other related topics of interest for higher education.


  • The AQPC symposium strives to foster the sharing of research findings on education and proven, documented teaching practices with a view to
    transferring them to different disciplines and colleges.
  • The length of presentations is 75 minutes. The AQPC urges presenters to plan for exchanges with participants (an average of 50 people).
  • Presenters must carefully complete the “Material and Equipment” section of the online proposal form to ensure that all their needs are taken into account.
  • Paper proposals must be submitted online no later than January.
  • People submitting paper proposals will receive an e-mail notice of receipt upon proposal reception. The organizing committee's response will be forwarded by e-mail to the presenters in February.
  • People whose proposals are accepted must register for the symposium. As presenters, however, they are eligible for a 50% discount on registration fees, up to a maximum of two individuals per paper, regardless of the number of presenters actually at the workshop. (This discount does not apply to presenters acting on behalf of a business or who profit directly from the sale of products or services featured in workshops.)


The symposium steering committee will select proposals based on seven major criteria:

  • Relevance (connection with the theme or of general interest pertaining to college education)
  • Transferability (The AQPC symposium stresses transferring findings and experiences. Presenters are invited to indicate ni proposal their means for doing so.)
  • Bases (explanation of the bases or pedagogical reflection underlying the experience or analysis presented)
  • Potential effects (foreseeable effects of the reflections as well as the experiences presented on teaching and learning)
  • Rigor (proven nature of the teaching practices or research findings presented)
  • Proposal clarity and originality
  • Overall diversity (diversity of points of view and representation of the diversity in the actions of the college system)

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